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 Market rules

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Market rules  Empty
PostSubject: Market rules    Market rules  EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 9:08 pm

Exclamation Market rules
1). No scamming what so ever if someone buys your item please send the item
this will be 10 pints in {INF}= week banned

2). racism is not allowed no matter what if you say something racist to some one its
{50}= 5 week banned

3). no hacking at all banned  {900}=9 month  banned

4). respect all staff.

5). be respect to every one.
6). do not beg for any rights like administrator , gm, art squad ect.

7).no spamming the forum

8 ). no overloading threads

9).be respectful to all members

10).don't fake sell

11). no promoting your shop at all

12). must add tags to your thread
if your buying something pleas put [B]
if selling something [S]
if trading something [T]
And for contest [C]

13). No reselling the same art even if you change the color the eyes or nose has to look different

14). no sexual talk to other members

15). do not over board with  trolling

16). and enjoy your self Wink

No 10k g.p for a name  change pm me or an administrator   No 
Market rules  298so1
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Market rules
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